Birthday Trip to Tiffany’s

It’s my 28th (ugh) birthday tomorrow on Monday! I went out with my friends yesterday and had a really nice casual dinner. I didn’t really plan anything this year because I had no idea what I wanted to do or even what I wanted to get for a present. My boyfriend James always has a hard time finding me a present, so now he includes me in the decisions. I had looked for a long time but never really fell in love with anything. I normally ask for jewelry, but my taste has gotten a bit more sophisticated over the past couple of years. I now prefer real 14K gold or sterling silver to fashion jewelry.

My boyfriend decided to take me to Tiffany’s on 5th Ave. He got a Tiffany’s heart bracelet, and a Tiffany’s heart necklace. These are two great classic pieces that are timeless and will be great everyday jewelry. I’m very happy with my birthday presents and grateful to have such a generous boyfriend.

Celebrity Cruise Vacation

My very generous mother bought my boyfriend, James, and I a Celebrity cruise vacation!! Our first cruise together was an Eastern Caribbean cruise, so this time we did a 7-night Western Caribbean trip that visited Cozumel in Mexico, George Town in Grand Caymen, Falmouth in Jamaica, and Labadee in Haiti. We had sailed on the Celebrity Reflection previously, so we experienced the best boat that Celebrity had to offer at the time. We decided to save a little money this time and go on the Celebrity Silhouette, which was almost identical and had all the features of the Reflection that my boyfriend and I loved. It was an easy decision to make. We got a better room in the concierge class, the premium beverage package, unlimited Internet, and were still able to afford some excursions.

First Gel Manicure

I got my first gel manicure today! I’m going on a cruise for a whole week, and I don’t want to bring nail polish with me, or spend the whole week chipping off my manicure. I actually never intended to get gel until I saw my downstairs neighbor at the nail salon. We didn’t recognize each other at first (I …