Birthday Trip to Tiffany’s

It’s my 28th (ugh) birthday tomorrow on Monday! I went out with my friends yesterday and had a really nice casual dinner. I didn’t really plan anything this year because I had no idea what I wanted to do or even what I wanted to get for a present. My boyfriend James always has a hard time finding me a present, so now he includes me in the decisions. I had looked for a long time but never really fell in love with anything. I normally ask for jewelry, but my taste has gotten a bit more sophisticated over the past couple of years. I now prefer real 14K gold or sterling silver to fashion jewelry.

My boyfriend decided to take me to Tiffany’s on 5th Ave. He got a Tiffany’s heart bracelet, and a Tiffany’s heart necklace. These are two great classic pieces that are timeless and will be great everyday jewelry. I’m very happy with my birthday presents and grateful to have such a generous boyfriend.


I finally got my hands on my own Ringly!! I preordered in July, but it just came last week. Ringly is a fashion forward wearable technology device that gives you notifications when your phone goes off. There is an app you use to set what the ring does when certain things happen on your phone. For example, when my mother calls, it will vibrate four times and flash yellow because it is a phone call and it will flash red because it is my mother calling.